I really like wine!

In fact I like wine so much that not only do I drink it but, I read about it, I study it, and I take courses to be certified to talk about it. I have my Wine Spirits Education & Trust (WSET) Level 3 Certification and continully look for ways to learn, improve and grow my wine knowledge & education. 

That’s what First Crush is all about it….wine. Well not only wine, I also really like food. I like eating it, cooking it, talking about it, reading about it…just about everything about it.

That’s what First Crush is all about it. It’s literally about my first crush, my lifelong interest in food and wine. It’s also a slight play on words referring to the pressing of grapes to make wine.

First Crush is really an outlet for me to express and share my passion with anyone that is willing to listen. It’s a place where I can share the lessons I learn along the way, pass along my experiences as I continue to develop my passion.