His and Hers Tastings!

In our house the choice of what bottle of wine to drink can sometimes be quite a challenge. My wife tends to prefer white (or rose) and when given a preference I most often will choose red.

So to get around this we usually take turns. We’ll open a bottle of white and enjoy that. Then next time we’ll open a bottle of red and then a bottle of white and so on and so on.

Every once in awhile however, we tend to disagree on what to have. She wants white, I want red and we can’t seem to compromise. So we do the next best thing, we open a white for her and red for me. Literally we have his and her wines.

His and Hers!


That night I opened a 2010 Estampa Reserve Syrah Viognier blend from Chile. It was made from 80% Syrah and 20% Viognier which made for a very interesting blend. It definitely had a lot of Syrah characteristics, but had a certain crispness to it that I think came from the 20% Viognier blend.


Up front the body had some great structure to it, very clean and smooth with subtle tannins. It wasn’t overly dry but had great mouth feel to it. If you swirled it around you mouth you could feel the wine coast the inside of your cheeks, but was still light enough not cause the puckering associated with a heavily tannic wine.

On the nose were a lot of floral notes along with berry fruit such as blackberry and raspberry. I would comment that I found the aromas difficult to pick up with this wine, I found them very low key. I think the aromas with this wine would probably be very subjective depending on the person.

In terms of flavour I detected some stronger notes of oak and tobacco, along with a real strong black pepper taste. A little more subdued but also present was just a hint of black cherry.

I’m glad I gave this wine a try, it had some complexity to it but all things considered was quite good. Definitely a wine I would try again.


Meanwhile my wife had opened up a 2014 Cono Sur Gewürztraminer also from Chile. This was our first white from the winery as we’ve had their Pinot Noir on several occasions. This didn’t disappoint at all.


It was very vibrant and clean, with a young crisp easy drinking body. Not sweet at all but it did have some good acidity with just a slight tartness to it. It paired well with food but could definitely be enjoyed all by itself sitting out on a deck one summer afternoon.

I really noticed a strong aroma of fresh cut grass with this wine, along with notes of pineapple. I thought I could pick up a slight hint of vanilla on the nose but could’t be 100% sure.

On the tongue I really noted the flavour of peaches, lychee, and pineapple.  Another really great wine from Cono Sur winery.

It was fun having his and her wines but I think next time we won’t be quite so greedy and we’ll go back to sharing just one bottle.




  • Winery: Estampa Reseve
  • Vintage: 2010
  • Grape: Syrah Viognier Blend
  • Region: Palmilla, Colchagua Valley
  • Country: Chili
  • Nose: Floral, Blackberry, Raspberry
  • Taste: Oak, Tobacco, Black pepper, Black cherry
  • Purchased: Oak & Vine
  • Price: $11.00
  • Winery: Cono Sur
  • Vintage: 2014
  • Grape: Gewürztraminer
  • Region: Colchagua Valley
  • Country: Chili
  • Nose: Fresh cut grass, Pineapple, Vanilla
  • Taste: Peach, Lychee, Pineapple
  • Purchased: Oak & Vine
  • Price: $11.00

We actually wound up buying these two bottles at the same time as part of Oak & Vine’s “Two for $22” sale.

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