“CAFFEINATED” – The world of caffeine

If you’re anything like me you really look forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning. Your not quite ready to tackle the day until you’ve had that first sip. Once that happens everything just seems to brighten slightly, your mood improves, your energy levels rises, and you feel like your ready for anything.

But what is about that first cup of coffee that brings about those feelings? Why is it that others get the same feeling from a cup of tea or a can of pop. In Murray Carpenter’s book “Caffeinated” he dives into what it is about those beverages that make us reach for them, makes us crave them. It’s one thing…..caffeine.

Caffeinated - book about caffeine
What do we really know about caffeine?


In “Caffeinated”, Carpenter attempts to provide some insight into caffeine, a drug that most of us probably take for granted. As the author travels from coffee bean farms in South America, to synthetic caffeine plants in China, to energy shot bottlers in New Jersey, he reveals how little we actually know and understand about the drug.

He reveals the battle that is going on within the scientific community over what effect caffeine has on the human body. Can caffeine be considered an addictive drug, should it be considered in the same discussions as alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics? Is it possible to overdose on caffeine or is it a harmless drug that just provides a temporary boost of energy similar to sugar?

Carpenter also goes into a lot of detail about the caffeine industry, from coffee producers to energy drinks to caffeinated gum and pills. It’s a billion dollar industry that has grown rapidly and left regulators scrambling to catch up.

Overall this was a very interesting read, it had good pacing and organization. Carpenter did a good job of not overwhelming the reader with scientific information and keeping jargon to a minimum.

I will definitely look at caffeine much different after reading this book.








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