Attending Winefest 2016

After a hiatus from food and wine festivals the wife and I decided that it was time to get back on the horse so to speak. So we decided to check out this years' Winefest presented by Sobey's Liquor & Safeway Wine & Spirits.  This years' event featured over 70 different participating wineries and it was great … Continue reading Attending Winefest 2016

“CAFFEINATED” – The world of caffeine

If you're anything like me you really look forward to that first cup of coffee in the morning. Your not quite ready to tackle the day until you've had that first sip. Once that happens everything just seems to brighten slightly, your mood improves, your energy levels rises, and you feel like your ready for anything. … Continue reading “CAFFEINATED” – The world of caffeine

The Song of Marjolaine

About a year and half ago I began volunteering at The Cookbook Co., a local kitchen and food speciality store that also offers cooking classes and catering. I volunteered to work in their cooking classes, helping to setup the classes, help the chefs and participants, and clean-up after the class. Included in the price of … Continue reading The Song of Marjolaine

A Rosé by another name……

Last weekend I got an opportunity to host my parents for a couple of days. I say opportunity, because my folks only live a couple of hours north of me and more often then I travel to their place when it's time for a visit. However, circumstances dictated that my folks were going to be  staying … Continue reading A Rosé by another name……