A New Start for a New Year!

I should have realized the scope of my interest in food and wine the day I bought my first vehicle.

My first thought when I got the car home wasn’t about the freedom it brought me. It wasn’t about the ability to travel somewhere at the drop of a hat or visit friends and family without having to plan it in advance.

No, my first thought was about all the groceries I could now buy. You see up to that point my options for buying groceries were walk home, take the bus, or get a taxi.

So I immediately began to plan the  revamping  of my spice collection, the restocking of my pantry staples and the refilling of my empty deep freeze. I was going to be able to get to the farmers market and the speciality food stores that always seemed to be out of reach. That thinking should have been a warning of sorts, that perhaps I was somewhat obsessed with food and wine.

Now here I am on the eve of 2016  fully realizing just what food and wine mean to me. I’ve finally admitted to myself that it’s not just an interest but is truly a passion. Practically any gift I receive nowadays is centred around cooking or wine,same with almost all books or magazines I buy. In 2014 my wife bought me a food tour of the 17th Ave. restaurant district here in Calgary for my birthday. I started to volunteer with the Cookbook Company in 2014, working cooking classes in order to observe and learn and improve my own cooking ability.

After talking about it with my wife for months I finally took the WSET Level 1 Wine course in November and I now anxiously await my results. I’m currently working on building my own custom wine rack to hold my ever growing wine collection.

You might ask what does all of this have to do with this blog? Well the final step in my realization was that I was looking for an outlet to express my passion and that’s what First Crush is. This is where I get to talk about food and wine and what it truly means to me. Where I get to share all of my experiences and adventures.

I’m excited for where this journey is going to take me and I hope you’ll join me along the way.



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